iFree Skype Recorder Reviews

Skype is no longer an Application which is used solely to connect people with family and friends when they travel abroad, as a growing number of companies depend on it for conferences with their companions from other countries. And since it could come in useful to be able to record most of the interviews or business meetings, consumers can take to iFree Skype Recorder which is a free Skype recorder for Windows


Features overview

It is claimed by the author to be the first free Skype video call recorder in the world for recording Skype calls without any restrictions. That’s a claim to make, but it does seem that most recorders either cost cash, report only audio, or are limited in certain another way. But is it really with no limitations? iFree Skype Recorder is an easy, lightweight program that comes with three different options: Document all sides (picture-in-picture), Report another side only, and Record audio-only. Upon my extremely first try with the first setting, I already withstood a slight limitation: You cannot report video at all in case that the other side did not change Skype Recorder Windows on video. This means there’s not any way to record your movie with all the audio discussion, but I I suppose that makes some sense chances are you don’t want a recording of your video. You can, however, click the record button when the movie is off. Also, it will automatically commence recording if it is turned on.

What user says

As a user, you are not ready to control the audio and the video quality that you get. Sometimes the sound quality isn’t as high, and there’s nothing which you can do about it. So they can possess some control within the audio as well as the video quality they get, this might influence most individuals opting for other PC software that h-AS that option. If the video function has not been switched on by the other person, iFree recording computer software can’t record Skype Recorder Windows a video-call. This means that in case you have a Conversation on Skype with a person who cannot turn the video call, it’ll be difficult to report the video, and you’re able only to document the audio.

When you start iFree Skype Recorder for the very first time, it keeps waiting for the Skype to launch. The standing in the window shows it is searching for the Skype application. At this period you can-not record such a thing, so you better start Skype or open the Skype window.

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