The 6 best Skype Call Recorder for Windows

Skype recording software is a third party addon for saving Skype calls on Windows OS since Skype does not have the ability to record Skype call conversations which almost everyone is looking for. Interviews and group calls or important calls sometimes need to be stored for a play back in the future, and Skype call recorder is want you need in such a case. It has been recognized as one of the most convenient ways for storing information, and as we all know, recording Skype call is a

feature that is not officially offered by Microsoft. Our Third party developers come in play to ensure that you are now able to record all your Skype calls effortlessly with these software’s and since most people use the Windows OS let us put our attention on Skype recording tools for windows and Linux to achieve this; Listed below are some of the top Skype recording software tools for windows system that will enable you to record all your Skype audios and video sessions.

TalkHelper’s Skype Call Recorder


TalkHelper’s Skype Call Recorder is new Skype call software that works great with both audio and video recording with such remarkable features to ensure systematic services on Skype. This tool supports all versions of Windows and Skype, no matter what version of Windows you are using, TalkHelper has got your back; it lets you record and saves your calls with just a single click. With TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype, record as endless Skype conversations as you want in both audio or video and store them for future reference, it stores all your Skype audio calls in MP3 or WAV format with stereo or mono option supported. Well, who would not want to install an application with such features? This software does not come with any limitations allowing you to record calls for any duration. It has literally made it easy for people who are miles apart to record Skype conversations for future purposes.

One of the things that have made TalkHelper software tool more efficient as compared to other tools is: it captures and saves every video frame during a Skype video call as well as records inside into Skype weather the video is full screen, normal window or a floating window unlike other Skype recorders which are screen saver. Its option of automatic call recording enables you to record any incoming or outgoing calls, and for the manual recordings, you have the freedom to change the settings, see the full review..


  • Both audio and video streams are recorded smoothly from the beginning to the end.
  • Saving Skype video messages and voicemails becomes a simple mission with just one click away.
  • The recording button is always activated; all you need is to press the button if you want to record the conversation.
  • Free Skype call recording of super high quality


  • There is no warning sound

Pamela for Skype


Pamela for Skype software is easy for different users; it comes in four editions that are Business, Professional, Call Recorder and Basic: – Basic gives you the opportunity of installing on zero shillings but, also limited in terms of recording Skype conversations of which you can record for strictly 15minutes. All it requires you to do is to Login to Skype and then you can launch Pamela Call Recorder to capture your conversations and save them for future reference.  It will automatically authorize you to make a call. This is the right time to experience this wonderful application, which comes with a new experience to all PC users and starters.

Features of Pamela for Skype

  1. It guarantees Auto Chat Reply
  2. Free Skype Call Recording, which is of high quality
  3. Skype Conference Call Manager to enrich business activities
  4. Skype Chat Recording with all your different contacts without limitations
  5. Records call automatically for a different experience
  6. It ensures Email Forwarding

Customize your Skype with the above features – record calls, manage chat histories. Pamela for Skype makes it possible for you to record your Skype chats a feature that may not be found with most software, In addition to call recording, it is also great for recording with neat extras like contacts management; call scheduling and rich text mood feed editor. It is nice for Skype user on Windows.

MP3 Skype Recorder

Are you looking for a Skype recording tool which is easy to operate, Mp3 Skype recorder may just be what you have been looking for. This tool allows you to record Skype conversations and store them as high-quality Mp3.It is free and simple to understand software made for Windows users with an aim of professional recordings. This software application works in the same way as Pamela; it automatically allows you to record Skype calls, “conferences inclusive” of high quality. All the recordings are stored in convenient MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV format!

One of its superb features is that it can record both ongoing and a new call at the same time in different files giving you no hard time when you want to make a retrieval of a call made some time back. Here are some of the other features of MP3 Skype Recorders.


  • It’s completely free with no limits attached.
  • it’s capable to track simultaneous calls and to save them separately.
  • it permits Automatic or manual recording capabilities.


  • It cannot record long conversations
  • The free version is limited in function

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

With Amolto Call Recorder you can record your Skype conversations conveniently at your own pace. It is handy software that works well with Skype or other VOIP applications and in high quality audio format which launches automatically once the Windows operating system is booted. This software is preferably suited for anyone that would want an efficient means of keeping track of his Skype conversations as well as compatible with Windows

It can record both audio and video calls automatically without any limit on recording time, giving you the option of adding notes or Mp3-tags to any record to highlight key points in your conversation if you wish to. However, this tool has two versions. The premium version which enables you to record video calls and the free one that is limited to audio calls. It depends on what you prefer when installing this software. And if by any chance you don’t mind having a Skype recording tool that cannot record video calls, you could use the free version that will help you to acquire high-quality audio recordings of any Skype calls and conversations.

iFree Skype recorder


iFree Skype Recorder is a powerful and easy to use tool for almost all the Windows versions available and happens to be free. You can use this tool to record unlimited calls no matter how long your call is, it records all types of audio calls from Skype2Skype, SkypeOut, SkypeIn to Skype Conference calls automatically. Since Skype doesn’t natively provide such a feature, recording Skype calls can be done only using third-party tools such as this one. This application is simple and user friendly even for new users who just signed to Skype, all you need is to approve the software within Skype and you are good to go. These are some of its wonderful features below:


  • It stores Skype calls to MP3 format (Using Lame MP3 Encoder).
  • It’s absolutely FREE with no limits attached.
  • It does the automatic chat reply when you leave computer.
  • It is very easy to track record history with iFree Skype recorder


  • It consumes a large memory in the CPU
  • It does not record video calls

Vodburner for windows

If you have been struggling to find a better Skype recorder, Vodbuner is a good solution for Skype recording with excellent design to offer you the possibility. This software is one of the over rated Skype call recording tool that lets you record your Skype video chats and conferences, also helps you editing them. In spite of the fact that it only comes with a free trial version of 14 days.

Vodbuner for Skype supports Windows, it installs smoothly and then just activates when the call is initiated. However you can still deactivate it if you want and get the manual control over the recorder. It offers modern features such as the capacity to document your audio as well as camera movie, along with the screen capture video, as different levels, making it simple and to edit them.

Features of Vodburner for Windows

  • All the tools are seen on the taskbar which helps you not to be confused
  • You can control and adjust the light of the video made on your PC
  • You can do more than just recording; you can edit the videos and easily add subtitles
  • Its sound quality is good


There are a variety of Skype recording tools available for people to choose from. But the ones mentioned above are among the best tools for Skype Call Recorder for Windows. You can now save all the good times and flash back whenever since recording now is at hand. Try it!

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